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Download Free ZArchiver APK Latest Version for Android

Download Free ZArchiver APK Latest Version for Android

ZArchiver APK is a very amazing application that helps you to manage compressed files on android device and to compress the heavy files in less time. We know very well that in android device, there is no facility to manage the compressed files to see inside the android device and no capability to make new compressed files.


ZArchiver APK for Android

ZArchiver APK for Android is very useful for making and inspection of compressed files inside the android device.  This app has the ability to manage this dual-task action. As the name shows that this archive application is for archive management. This specific program manages huge documentary data to precise it and make it able to show easily and in a fast way without putting a lot of details.
ZArchiver APK works for android devices like a compressed file manager. This app helps you to create compressed files in many formats according to your choice. Here I mention some formats like zipping, bzip2, gzip, XZ tar and many others. This app permits you to decompress the file in gzip, bzip2, 7z, tar, XZ, iso, arj, cab, deb, rpm and zip.
The beauty of ZArchiver APK is that you can see any content even its password is protected. This app is very easy and simple to use. You need to select the document and press the “compress” button there given in the file. You will see that the file will be changed into a compressed file in a few seconds. You will feel that all that process will be completed in a fast way. So it will look at the work of your left hand to create the compressed file with the help of this application.

Awesome Features of ZArchiver APK for Android

  • ZArchiver APK is very easy and simple to use.
  • This application supports multi-core processors.
  • You can set the password for the security of files and folders.
  • There are many options of compressing the files are provided by this app like fast, normal, maximum and ultra also.
  • Users are facilitated by some options of this app like a copy cut share.
  • You can create archives in various formats.
  • Users can create files with full protection and security.
  • You can have fun with unlimited features of ZArchiver APK if your mobile phone is rooted.
  • The files can be compressed and decompressed with the help of this app.
  • You can move files from one place to another place easily.
  • This application works as a file manager.

Easy Way to Download ZArchiver APK

You have to go the end of this article and you will find the DOWNLOAD button. Just press that button and downloading will be started and will be completed in few seconds in a safe way.
So enjoy the ZArchiver APK for Android and live a good life with fun.

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